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Barletta is getting work done, especially with this big edit of David Guetta’s “When Love Takes Over” featuring Kelly Rowland. Barletta is definitely keeping Toronto on the map with all the great tracks he has been releasing.


David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (Barletta Edit)


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The world of online magazines is soon becoming the only way to go. The only problem is there are thousands of them. So let me help you start things off on the right foot and check out our friends at Contra magazine. This web- based magazine is operating right out of my hometown Toronto (TDOT). Contra covers a wide spectrum of topics that include high-end fashion, street wear, footwear, illustration, photography, current events and more. They also have a great blog updated daily with content that will keep you coming back every day. We should all expect great things to come.

“Contra magazine is a bi-monthly web publication based out of Toronto. Contra explores ideas, people, places, things, thoughts, music, politics, society, art, design, fashion, culture and lifestyles. It’s about being creative, independent, vocal, and opening dialogue through photography, illustrations & design, with words narrating a momentary idea.
Contra appeals to the creative, artistic, intellectual, politically & socially aware twenty to forty something. They’re into fashion and the latest gadgets, are culturally inclined and keep up with mainstream global politics. They’re diverse, social, independent, tech savvy, and live in cultural hubs. They sometimes seem as though they don’t give a shit, but they do. Just in they’re own way.”

-contra magazine

“The Contra blog is a daily art, design, & culture blog. It’s a source for new, cool, creative ideas, people, fashion, art, design, & cultural happenings. A community for contramag.com readers to engage and find out whats going on in the world from a CONTRA perspective.”
-contra blog

For more information check out:
Contra magazine
Contra blog
Contra facebook
Contra myspace

All three issues


#002 Toronto Super Future

#003 Goodies

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