With clean drinking water a luxury in some areas of the World, The Life Saver water bottle could be one of the World’s greatest inventions to date. Below is detailed instructions on how the Life Saver bottle works.

LIFESAVER bottle removes all micro-biological contamination from water.
LIFESAVER bottle has been thoroughly tested by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine showing that even the smallest of viruses were removed.

The smallest bacteria measures 200NM (nanometres) whilst the smallest virus measures about 25 nanometres. The ultra filtration membranes in the LIFESAVER Ultra-Filtration cartridge have pore sizes of only 15 nanometres, this means that no contamination can pass through into the drinking water.

The pump creates pressure within the bottle which forces water through the membranes leaving the dirt and contamination on the other side of the membranes.”


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