If your in the U.K and around the Lake District make sure to check out this music & art extravaganza. Van Der Waals is an event that will cure all your artist needs, be it sights or sounds. The event will consist of many artist both visual and musical. There will be a 44 foot graffiti wall as well. So please if you in the area make sure to check this out, you will NOT be disappointed.


“Van Der Waals was born through the wish to create a phantasmagorical aural-optical tickling labyrinth of avant-garde music, art and performance, with an aim to create an environment to be used as a stimulus for all kinds of social and creative connections. The event showcases some of the very best of local talent alongside National and International artists and give them a platform to exhibit their work in unique environment.

The immense instrumental post rock legends ’65daysofstatic’ are headlining as one of their few selected small shows before their big tour, supported by the highly tipped, jaw droppingly mesmerising ‘These Monsters’, local audio visual pioneers Good Noise Bad Noise, folk and comedy act ‘Men Diabler’, and electronica experimentalist ‘Fidge’ who’ll be mixing live with her array of instruments.

The exhibition will feature a live 60ft Graffiti Wall, projected Digital Art created live, Live Photography Collage, Graphic Art, Illustration, Photography and Video Art Room.”

for more info please check out these links:


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