Born early 2004, the genre blurring record label Botchit & Scarper teamed up with some like minded folks to curate a evening of music, to put a long story short 44 was born! Taking over all manner of venues within East London 44 quickly shaped into something more than just a party.

After a brief break 44 is back for 2008, now residing in the North West of England. 44 has always been about combining the very best in audio and visual, Cellar Door will push the envelope a step further.Try to pinpoint the events musically and you’ll be on a short trip to a sore head. Combining the very best in electronic music no genre is left unearthed, balancing cutting edge with the familiar.

Musical players to have passed through their doors include;
Superstyle Deluxe, Coburn, Plaza Da funk, Atomic Hooligan, Eclectic Method, Dreadzone, Half Arsed Beats, Pirate Soundsystem, Soto, Jason Sparks, Si Begg, Aquasky, Radioactive Man, Mark Moore, Jay Stewart, Future Funk Squad, lbj, Strider, Groove Allegiance, Idiotech, Slyde, Loose Cannons, Steve Graham, Slackshot, Hi Eight, Poj Masta, ILS, Dirtpop, Move Ya, Deekline, Cut La Roc, Lo-Fidelity Allstars, Mary Anne Hobbs, Daedelus, Evil Nine, Mogwa

So if your ever in no the north side of London please I urge you to check out any of thier parties, you won’t be dissapointed.


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